A wedding. In a cinema?

The other week I had the pleasure of being involved in a lovely wedding up in Aberfeldy. As a wedding piper, naturally I’m more than familiar with the standard wedding setup and have seen my fair share of unique wedding ceremonies.

It’s fair to say, however, that this wedding was the most wonderfully unique ceremony I’ve ever been to. This is because it took place in a cinema.

A wedding in a cinema?

Yes, you read that right. The ceremony took place in the cinema. The Birks Cinema is a recently-restored independent art deco-era cinema in the heart of Aberfeldy.

Having never really spent a great deal of time in Aberfeldy before, I didn’t really know what to expect, other than the Dewar’s World of Whisky centre.

Dewars world of whisky

I didn’t have time to stop in unfortunately.

Retaining every inch of its original art deco charm on the outside, the interior has been kitted out to a plush modern standard, whilst still retaining the “old cinema” charm. By that of course, I mean the personable concessions stand, bar, and friendly staff.

The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy

The screen itself has sumptuous and spacious seats which for me really brought the whole thing together.

The cinema isn’t just used as a cinema – it’s a hireable space for a variety of events, including weddings!

The ceremony

As self-professed film buffs, this venue was more than suitable for the bride and groom’s needs. The ceremony itself took place in the screen, with the staircase down from the upper door serving as the aisle.

Birks Wedding

The ceremony commenced with the old fashioned cinema adverts, including Westler’s hot dogs, a totally non-p.c. Kia Ora advert from the 70s and a Wall’s Cornetto advert from the same era:

(Please decide for yourself on the Kia Ora advert!)

Thereafter, the bride made her way down the stairs to the front of the screen to commence the ceremony. The ceremony itself was a lovely humanist affair and didn’t feature anything especially out of the ordinary as far as wedding ceremonies go.

Drinks reception

After the ceremony, I stood in the foyer of the cinema and deafened all the guests as I played my pipes. It was during this time that I noticed all the nuances of the wedding that really made it very unique.

For a start, the cinema had arranged for one of its staff to dress as a 1940s-era photographer, complete with press badge tucked into the trim of his hat, and a flashing camera, to pester the bride and groom as they emerged from the ceremony. The idea was to make it as though they were the lead roles in a new film premiering.

Adding to this, I noticed that the couple had a poster done for their wedding which was in the style of the classic Hollywood movies of the golden age. A great touch!

Continuing with the cinematic theme, the canapes weren’t the usual tiny delicate pieces you’d normally expect, but instead were cinema-style snacks; mini burgers, hot dogs and nachos with cheese.

Later, the cinema’s manager donned his ice cream tray and made his way around the guests giving out little cinema-sized tubs of ice cream. Naturally I indulged.

This is something that is definitely missing from modern cinemas.

This is something that is definitely missing from modern cinemas.

Even the tables were decorated with cinema-themed items – “vases” made from popcorn boxes and confetti made from old cinema tickets.

Unfortunately it wasn't possible to get paper water for the flowers.

Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to get paper water for the flowers.

Huntingtower Hotel

After the ceremony was done, I duly made my way back to Perth to Huntingtower Hotel where the reception and evening meal took place. This was another first for me as although I’d passed by the venue several times in the past I’d never actually stopped in.

What a beautiful venue. An old mansion, this has subsequently been extended into the large hotel it is now. Completely situated in its own isolated grounds, the hotel is afforded the luxury of being entirely surrounded by lush greenery, and even has a little burn running through it.Huntingtower Hotel

The cinematic theme was continued to the second venue, with the snacks on offer being bags of popcorn and the tables being named after movie themes.

All in all, this was a truly fantastic day. Very unique and very inspiring to be a part of!

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