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Aurora Gemstones' bridal bracelet design

Continuing with my series of interviews with wedding suppliers, this week’s contribution is from Sian Williamson of Aurora Gemstones. Sian is a silversmith whose work is exemplary and great for anyone looking for unique or bespoke design.

Aurora Gemstones' necklace design

Aurora Gemstones necklace

I actually know Sian from way back, many moons ago, when we both worked at a “wonderful” provisions retailer down in the gold old East Neuk of Fife. Suffice it to say we both shared the same enthusiasm for working for said retailer…

Tell me a bit about your business – who are you and what do you offer, etc?
I’m Sian Williamson and I’m a silversmith. I offer clients the opportunity to see their designs brought to life in metal. I also provide the usual jewelers service of fixing and restoring clients own jewellery.

How long have you been doing this for and why did you start it?
I’ve been in the business for 6 years, however, I’ve been doing the smithing side of things for 2 years. I became self employed because I was tired of the lack of jobs in my area. It’s hard to explain really, but being a smith kind of just clicked as soon as I tried it. Making things has always been a part of who I am.

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What sets your business approach apart from your competitors?
I am against some of the biggest names in the industry, so I really have to offer something that’s never been seen before. I have to push my own creative boundaries to really make something totally unique in design. I also enjoy giving clients an absolute one on one service, no middle men. The most part of what I do is really talking with my clients about what their vision is for their piece I’m making. You can’t get that with the big high street stores that offer a similar service.

What do you enjoy most about your business?
I enjoy seeing clients’ faces light up when they’re presented with the finished piece, especially when it’s their design. They feel proud they’ve had this amazing idea and equally I feel proud I’ve been able to realize that for them. There’s nothing like it.

What has been your most memorable moment?
I had to chuckle at this as it’s something that’s happened quite recently actually.
My friends were getting married and at last minute she wanted some bracelets made to her design and 3 tie bars for the men.
I had 2 weeks to make them. I made all the bracelets and two of the three tie bars with just 2 days left until the wedding, I was stuck on the third tie bar, a design issue. That particular tie bar was for the father of the bride and all I had to go on was “he loves motorbikes, can we have a bike theme please”.
I made 3 tie bars with a bike style and none of them were right. I scrapped all 3 designs – they were flat silver with bikes etched on to the silver. They just weren’t right at all! I decided to take a huge risk and go 3D instead. One day left before the wedding, the bike tie bar finally finished and it had evolved into a monster, a big beautiful monster with a wheel that could spin! The father of the bride was over the moon with the creation and more orders for similar soon came in.
The following week, I entered a photograph of that tie bar in to a design competition and it was one of the winning designs. I took a massive risk, everything was working against me – time, materials, design ideas. I somehow made it work and to date it’s the piece I’m most proud off because I didn’t give up.

Aurora Gemstones bespoke jewellery

Aurora Gemstones’ motorbike tie bar design

Learn more about Sian’s creations over on the Aurora Gemstones website, or find out more on the Aurora Gemstones Facebook page.

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