Interview with the suppliers: Mad Hat Man DJ

Being a wedding bagpiper, I get to meet lots of different people in the industry, each offering unique products to meet very specific needs of their discerning clients.

It always amazes me to see how very radically different each wedding can be whilst maintaining that air of familiarity that unmistakably feels like a wedding.

Of course, this is down to the meticulous attention and planning undertaken by the brides and grooms, but is thanks in no small part to the wide range of unique products on offer.

As part of my series of interviews with wedding suppliers, this week we meet Tommy, the face behind Mad Hat Man DJ, a mobile disco and karaoke operator in Central Scotland.

Here’s what Tommy has to say.

Tell me a bit about you and your business – who are you and what do you offer, etc?

Mad_Hatman_Dj_Mad_Hatter_on_Screen_I’m Tommy and supply Disco entertainment  in central Scotland with Mad Hatman mobile disco karaoke, as MadHatDJ wearing different hat and adding my vital spark at Weddings and private functions.

How long have you been doing this for and why did you start it?

I started DJing at Suffolk Hall Hotel in 1976 after seeing mobile discos entertaining
at private functions. After a while I was asked to guest on Radio Forth Disco Date and
decided I needed a name to stand out bought a top hat and called myself The Mad Hatter.

What sets your business approach apart from your competitors?

My approach to business means when I undertake a wedding or important party I make sure it is looked after properly. I have built a reputation of quality over 30 years and look after events personally using good equipment, attractive lighting but most importantly  I don’t use inexperienced DJs.

What do you enjoy most about your business?

I love music and have a talent to entertain and enjoy creating an atmosphere that makes people happy to coax, cajole and guide all ages to feel they want to join in on the dancefloor.

What has/have been your most memorable moment(s)?

My most memorable moments have included entertaining thousands at Meadowbank Stadium.,DJing for Edinburgh Marathon on Princes St, taking an open top bus around Edinburgh, weddings in Perth, Queensferry and Point / Hilton Hotel Penthouse suite Edinburgh.

Lastly, as a wedding vendor, what is your favourite venue to work with and why?

My favourite wedding venue is the next bride’s booking, but I also like the view of Edinburgh Castle when entertaining in Hilton Double Tree. (Who doesn’t, Tommy?)

Tommy is contactable through several means:

Check out Tommy’s website:

Tel 0131-228 4898 10-30am – 6pm Mon- Sat
Direct line 07889-36-36-86
Twitter: MadHatDJ @BacktracksEdin

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